The best pavilions are built on an idea.

The best pavilions are built on an idea.

BP London 2012 Partnership: Brand showcasing.

“During the London 2012 Games, BP brought its Fuelling the Future programme to life at public and business showcases in Hammersmith and the Olympic Park. Key to success was a partnership with a highly capable agency to safely design, build and operate the showcases. 

We seized the opportunity to work with KBW on the basis of their outstanding creative concepts; their ability to understand the many strands of BP’s businesses and strategy; and their clear vision of what was required to plan and deliver a complex programme safely, on time and to budget. On the journey from concept to operation the KBW team were part of a deep collaboration with BP businesses in order to develop content, which would stay true to the important themes of how BP is Fuelling the Future while delivering an exciting and memorable experience. 

Those collaborative efforts paid off. During the Games, KBW’s showcase creations helped grant a high quality experience of BP to an impressive number of visitors. With over 150,000 spectators and business guests enjoying the showcases, return on our investment has been excellent.

In the Olympic Park KBW designed the Fuelling the Future pavilion, which was at once architecturally stunning and of a truly sustainable construction. The building phase, involving management of numerous subcontractors, was safe, successful and on time despite the unique challenges of working in the Olympic Park. Inside the pavilion, the challenge was to bring to life the story of efficiently discovering and recovering energy that the world needs every day. KBW delivered on this by employing the latest AV technology and safely operating the showcase throughout the intensive Games period.

Elsewhere in the Park KBW designed a unique, eye-catching and sustainably built super sized periscope at which 100,000 individuals helped set a carbon offset world record.

As a result of KBW’s work we believe our audiences better understand BP’s contribution both in meeting the world’s energy challenge and in making London 2012 a success. KBW proved to be an excellent partner. They understand BP, understand what’s needed to engage public and business audiences and have shown themselves capable of delivering an amazing showcase programme”.

(Jo Merlini, BP London 2012 Partnership)

Innovation that delivers.

Innovation that delivers.

BP Upstream: Integrated Marketing.

In 2007, KBW created a new way to market BP’s Upstream offer to host governments and major resource holders, reflecting the brand’s in-depth, major projects capability and experience, allied to its distinctive commitment to a localised approach delivered in an open and intelligent way. A market-led approach – ‘BP In-depth’ - turned technical information into stories, broadening appeal beyond the technical community to engage key decision makers and influencers.

Since this first pilot approach understanding of BP's Upstream businesses and strategy, allied to the application of progressive design, packaging and digital media techniques have helped the brand to win new access and long-term renewal in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.  In 2012 BP was awarded more new opportunities in more markets and territories worldwide than in any other year in its history.

“I have your latest product sitting proudly on my desk. It looks very professional and strikes a great balance between being a serious volume of significant content, and being attractive, interesting and I think compelling. I would like to offer a very big thank you and your team for this tremendous piece of delivery.

I appreciate it was only 3 weeks ago that I asked if we could do this. So your organisation must have been flat out  … it is approaching 10 years since we first met and I was introduced to the KBW magic ... Much of what you have done for us has been inspiring. This time, there is real potential for very short-term impact. Thank you again for responding and for the quality of the product.”

(Dr. Mike Daly, EVP Exploration, BP)

One to watch!

One to watch!

Cecilia Ekback, author: Website design.

Part historical thriller, part Swedish Gothic, debut novel Wolf Winter, by Swedish writer Cecilia Ekback tells the story of a gripping murder mystery set in the bitter winter of 1717, in a Lapland village full of secrets.

“The time and space seem so remote as to be unearthly, and the style has a stealthy quality, like a silent fall of snow; suddenly the reader is enveloped. The story creeps up and possesses the imagination; there’s something eerie in the way half- understood and only half-seen events leave their mark. It’s a powerful feat of suggestion, visually acute, skillfully written; it won’t easily erase its tracks in the reader’s mind. ” Dame Hilary Mantel, author of the Man Booker Prize-Winning Bestsellers, Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies.

Launched January 2015, and acclaimed by Good Housekeeping magazine as 'One to watch', we wish Wolf Winter and Cecilia every success! KBW is delighted to support the launch of such an exciting new writer.

One day to make a difference.

One day to make a difference.

Deutsche Bank UK - Corporate Social Responsibility: Integrated marketing.

Until 2007, CSR programmes inside Deutsche Bank took the form of ongoing fund raising campaigns in support of a number of specially selected UK charities. Activity was spread across the year with only modest success. ‘Charity fatigue’ was perceived to be widespread inside the UK bank. A new approach was needed to widen the bank’s culture and focus from ‘making deals’, to ‘making a difference’.

Our idea was simple: one day to make a difference.  Concentrating annual payroll fund raising efforts into just one day (October 1st), in support of just one charity (CHICKS), would enable Deutsche Bank CSR to raise awareness and donations amongst staff internally, while differentiating the bank externally. The overriding objective was to drive staff contributions.

Six core principles shaped the creative approach: (1) Make it personal: you can make a difference; (2) Make it intriguing: using surprising facts about the charity that would provoke, not opinions; (3) Make it easy: ‘just one day’s salary, just one click’ (4) Make it free: for every day’s salary you give, Deutsche bank will do the same; (5) Make it distinctive and memorable: a simple mnemonic of every celebrity supporter of ‘CHICKS’ holding up their index finger; (6) Make everyone proud: success publicised continuously throughout the day. The result: record £320K raised in just one day, thanks to you!

The overwhelming success of the programme has resulted in it being rolled out internationally across the Deutsche Bank network. It now helps to raise in excess of £1million every year and has become a template for other corporate institutions to follow throughout the city of London.

Nothing beats a live performance. Nothing.

Nothing beats a live performance. Nothing.

BP Middle East: Exhibition design and Integrated marketing.

How do you persuade over a thousand senior delegates to stop by a 108 square metre exhibition stand and engage with a highly technical brand story for up to eight minutes at a busy international oil and gas show? Nothing beats a live performance. 

In 2004 KBW created a new way to market BP’s latest Field of the Future digital technologies to major resource holders and national oil company executives in the Middle East. ‘Real time data’ was transformed into a real life drama as on-stand actors showcased a vision of the future for oil and gas. Wearing illuminated gloves, they simulated how the effective integration of technology, people and process could improve information flow and understanding from BP wells, facilities and process plants and allow its scientists and engineers to make better decisions faster.

The dynamic, fast-paced, eight-minute live show played regularly to packed audiences throughout the three-day exhibition. “At the Middle East’s largest oil and gas exhibition, ADIPEC, BP Middle East used innovative technology, the first of its kind in the Middle East, to demonstrate our groundbreaking Field of the Future technologies. In doing so, the team set a new benchmark for marketing BP’s own proprietary technology and gave visitors a glimpse of its vision for the future of the Middle East energy industry.” (BP Helios Award)

Ten years later at ADIPEC 2014 KBW again used the power of live performance to showcase how the unique combination of BP’s technology, expertise and partnerships is enabling major resource to maximise recovery from giant oilfields around the world. 

“With more than 70,000 registered participants, the BP stand at ADIPEC, was the busiest ever. Our live show, combining digital iPad 'magic' and large screen content, delighted packed audiences with stories of how BP scientists and engineers are improving and developing unique techniques to some of the industry’s greatest recovery challenges”.
(Reem Mohammed, BP Middle East)

Our service will move you.

Our service will move you.

Faron Sutaria: Branding and Integrated communications.

A great brand promise, a great brand idea, is one that is emotionally engaging, which springs from, and is at the heart of, the brand. And it's made tangible when it powerfully connects “we” and “you”: (E.g. “We’ll take more care of you.” [British Airways], "On your side" [Nationwide],  "We try harder" [Avis]). Authentic and inspiring, a great brand promise is one that everyone can rally around in harmonious and united action.

Established in 1975 in Notting Hill, Faron Sutaria set out to provide local homeowners with a highly specialised, personal and effective property service.  As an innovative, contemporary and dynamic firm, buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants could all look forward to a brand experience where customer satisfaction would be the overriding priority.

Following its acquisition by the UK’s largest property services group, Countrywide plc. in 1999, Faron Sutaria turned to KBW to support a programme of further development and expansion into a network of ten offices throughout West and Central London. 

Invariably, the key to a brand’s future lies in its past: Faron Sutaria would continue to thrive by delivering outstanding standards of service with exceptional results built around its highly trained and engaging staff, and backed by engaging online and print marketing. A new brand identity and marketing approach was created to support a compelling new brand promise – “Our service will move you”.

Today, some fifteen years later, these core elements continue to underpin all Faron Sutaria brand activity, prompting some 40,000 people to visit the firm’s website every month, and more than 90% of clients to continue to recommend the firm to friends and family.

Fuelling the Future.

Fuelling the Future.

BP London 2012 Partnership: Brand showcasing.

As London welcomed the world to the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, BP was dedicated to fuelling the success of the Games. The brand centrepiece in the Olympic Park showcased how BP is rising to the challenge of finding and recovering energy safely and responsibly, from some of the most hostile environments on Earth.

Presented by a group of outstanding Olympians and Paralympians BP was proud to support, the experience immersed visitors in a giant, 360-degree rotating cyclorama of panoramic images and effects, bringing to life the daily journey the energy we all rely on, takes before it reaches us.

Along the way, the presentation showed how BP people around the world, just like the athletes BP was proud to support, are constantly challenging themselves to perform better every day, striving to achieve their own personal bests. Visitors were then challenged to set a new personal best for themselves, by offsetting their carbon footprint during the Games.

Through this distinctive mix of information and entertainment, BP was able to use its role as the Official Oil and Gas Partner to raise awareness of how London 2012 was minimising the carbon impact of the Games, whilst hosting a spectacular, unforgettable global event. 

“Our ambition was to create an extraordinary audio-visual experience of our business, using the very best application of technology to take our guests on a journey around the world of BP that is at once exciting and truly memorable. Several weeks of first-class operations throughout the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games saw tens of thousands of visitors enjoy the BP Fuelling the Future pavilion.  Feedback on the showcase has been overwhelmingly positive, helping to deliver an outstanding spectator experience and helping BP contribute to the success of the Games”.
(Jo Merlini, BP London 2012 Partnership)

Doing simple things extraordinarily well.

Doing simple things extraordinarily well.

HSBC Investment Banking & Markets: Branding and Integrated marketing.

The more complexity there is in a market, the more simplicity stands out. HSBC wanted to create alignment across its Investment Banking and Markets and Corporate Banking businesses (HSBC IB&M), appealing to major corporate institutions and high net worth individuals around the world.

Everyday, HSBC IB&M leverages the enormous financial strength of the Group’s balance sheet to deliver significant corporate trading efficiencies for its clients. This compelling commercial advantage was translated into a distinctive, customer-focused insight, uncovered through depth interviews with the Bank’s Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Gulliver: ‘HSBC IB&M excels by doing simple things extraordinarily well’.

This campaign idea referenced outstanding examples of nature doing simple things extraordinarily well to parallel the bank's efficient approach, leveraging the strength of the parent brand – executed as an integrated ribbon mnemonic, using the HSBC colour palette.

Coordinated international media and marketing activity across the UK & Europe, Asia and the Americas was instrumental in helping change client perceptions from HSBC IB&M being perceived as a product brand to being understood as part of the whole and thus able to be fully integrated into the bank's Corporate and Institutional Banking offer to major clients worldwide.

Where the future lives.

Where the future lives.

Masdar Future Energy Company: Brand experience and integrated marketing.

“Everyone experiences more than he understands, and it is the experience rather than the understanding that influences behaviour.” (Marshall McLuhan) 

By 2050, around 75% of the world’s population – 6.3 billion people – will live in cities. Left unchecked, urbanisation will bring yet more congestion, pollution and competition for precious resources. Masdar City is a strategically located, 5 million m² sustainable development in Abu Dhabi that seeks to provide the highest quality of life with the lowest possible environmental footprint. When complete, 40,000 people will live in Masdar City, with an additional 50,000 commuting to work and study there every day.

“Where the future lives” aimed to motivate and enthuse prospective tenants, investors and students alike, positioning Masdar City as a place where the treasures of the past will be an essential part of the culture of the future, where neighbourhoods will feel like communities, and where transport will take you to the future … An inspirational environment where the best young minds of tomorrow are learning today, where the great ideas for tomorrow are being developed today, and where great minds think alike. It’s a place where collaboration is good business and where the best use of local resources offers a global template.

Exhibition spaces at the World Future Energy Summit exploited physical scale to command attention, multi-layering to create intrigue, and innovative use of digital media to provide engagement and a central draw.  The approach immersed visitors in a new brand idea inspiring hope and ambition externally, while building unity of purpose internally around a unified positioning and a total visitor offer.

Extensive use of event marketing in this way, backed by heavyweight outdoor media use at key locations in the UAE, and online marketing to students has served to firmly establish Masdar as an authoritative world leader in alternative energy, environmental sustainability and clean technology.

You don't always need a big budget to win big.

You don't always need a big budget to win big.

BP Target Neutral: Integrated Marketing.

BP Target Neutral, a not-for-profit initiative aimed at encouraging individuals to reduce and offset their travel-related carbon emissions, wanted to invite international athletes and the world's media to show their support for London 2012 to be the lowest carbon Games possible.

Our idea was simple: Competitors love competition! A motion tracking game, developed in partnership with Seeper, would invite all Games' participants, officials and the international media community to help offset the carbon footprint of the Games, using only their movement.

 Over 5,000 athletes and members of the international media community from some 160 countries took part during the Games, helping to set a world record for the largest number of people to offset their travel carbon footprint to a single event, London 2012.

Narrative Immersion.

Narrative Immersion.

BP Oman at the British Museum: Exhibition design and integrated marketing.

A unique display, Adornment and Identity: jewellery and costume from Oman, created in association with the Oman Ministry of Tourism with support from BP, was conceived to honour 40 years of the reign of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. 

Drawn from the British Museum’s extensive collection of ethnographic material from the Middle East, which includes the largest public collection of Omani silver in Europe, it would present key items from a recent acquisition of fine jewellery and artefacts from Oman, which had never previously been on display. Highlights of visitors enjoying the exhibition were also be photographed and captured in a book, to be presented to His Majesty. One idea would connect it all.

The Sultanate of Oman is a country with a rich and varied history that stretches back to the third millennium BC. Renowned for its fragrant frankincense, dates, and magnificent sailing dhows, this seafaring nation of traders has linked the Middle East with Europe, East Africa, Iran, and the Indian subcontinent and beyond.

The Adornment and Identity display would reflect the diversity of metalworking traditions across Oman through a variety of personal adornment items for women, men and children dating back from the 1950s. The storytelling would celebrate the extraordinary craftsmanship and techniques, characteristic of Omani silver working, and the religious and social significance associated with the objects. 

And the special commemorative book to be presented to His Majesty would capture ‘reflections’ of a day in the life of the exhibition, showing record numbers of visitors absorbed in the drama of the narrative, enjoying the Adornment and Identity display. With such exquisite examples of fine jewellery and traditional dress from the third largest country of the Arabian Peninsula on display, the opportunity was to celebrate visitor immersion and engagement in the brilliance of the exhibits.

Consistency without conformity.

Consistency without conformity.

AXA Rosenberg Investment Management: Advertising.

These days, it’s fairly easy to surprise with creative solutions that are either off-strategy or aren’t absolutely true to the essence of your brand. Trouble is, these usually end up being engaging without being convincing. Likewise, it’s not too difficult to create communications that are obvious or convincing, without being engaging. The challenge is to do both: to surprise with the obvious.

For us, success is about finding the essential brand truth, the insight we don't see either because it's right under our nose, or we choose not to see, because it doesn't quite fit with our image of the consumer, our brand, or the way it is used.

Ten years ago, AXA Rosenberg was a specialist boutique Investment Manager with a distinctive approach: its stock pickers combined a unique quantitative model with creativity to consistently outperform the market.

Our idea was simple: consistency without conformity. Successive advertising and online campaigns in international business media referenced extraordinary examples found in art, business and science to demonstrate how creativity could be allied to a systematic approach to deliver superior out-performance.

It has supported AXA’s rapid growth from small ‘boutique quant house’ with around $9bn of assets under management in 2005, to active global equity investment specialist with more than $62 bn. of client assets under management today.

Great performance comes from the heart.

Great performance comes from the heart.

BP London 2012 Partnership - BP Fuels: Brand experience.

Since its origins over 100 years ago, BP has been a pioneer at the frontiers of energy for transport, with a long history of ‘firsts’. 

During the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, BP Fuels wanted to enthuse business audiences around its vision for lower carbon mobility: how it is approaching fuelling the future with the same commitment and determination as during its pioneering past, rising to the challenge of keeping the world moving in ways that are sustainable and efficient, good for the planet and good for people. 

Our task was to transform a retail forecourt with a long history of famous BP ‘firsts’ into a unique brand experience, showcasing the world’s greatest present and future energy products, and pointing the way to a lower carbon future. Guests were invited to journey through a series of pavilions, which combined cutting-edge technology with energy grasses and a real experience of fuelling the Olympic fleet with lower carbon fuels.

“We had a vision to create a legacy for BP fuels. We wanted to bring fuels of the future to life today and what better way to prove that they can be real than to actually dispense them from a live working forecourt. We found that our visitors were so impressed by the story they heard and so interested in what we were talking about. The press came in their droves and we had many, many column inches of coverage about the story, putting BP in a really positive light.

As a result of having a fantastic team and a fantastic group of people putting 100% effort, those doors are open and the pathways are there for us to make a real difference when it comes to making the Hammersmith trial reality at forecourts”.
(Nicola Buck, Hammersmith Showcase Lead, BP)

Speak COBOL with confidence.

Speak COBOL with confidence.

Micro Focus: Integrated communications.

In a fast changing digital landscape, Micro Focus wanted to maintain relevance and appeal amongst senior executives in Fortune 500 companies by reminding them that COBOL remains the world’s number One programming language and that Micro Focus is the leader in COBOL. A big simple idea was needed to rally staff internally and engage clients externally in harmonious and united action.

Our solution was to enrol all company employees on a (programming) ‘language course’, so everyone could ‘Speak COBOL with Confidence’.

Technical data sheets, product manuals and marketing collateral were ‘translated’ into user-friendly communications and online learning tools so technical and non-technical staff alike could readily understand all of the Micro Focus key sales messages, get to grips with the world’s most powerful language and speak COBOL with confidence in any situation. 

The campaign helped transform staff perceptions from, ‘I'm a COBOL developer’ to ‘I run your life’ and was used extensively to enthuse city fund managers during the run-up to a successful Initial Public Offering.

Make your mark. Leave no trace.

Make your mark. Leave no trace.

BP Target Neutral, Team GB Preparation Camp, 2012: Brand experience. 

At the British Olympic Association preparation camp in the six weeks prior to the commencement of London 2012, BP Target Neutral, a not-for-profit initiative that encourages individuals to reduce and offset their travel-related carbon emissions, wanted to invite members of Team GB to show their support for a lower carbon Games. By taking part, projects that reduce global carbon emissions, would receive vital funding.  

Our idea flowed from a new and surprising people-focused insight: 70% of Team GB athletes would be competing in an Olympics for the first time at London 2012. It’s a great honour for any athlete to represent their country; for these first time Olympians, representing Team GB in London would be very special indeed. The final kit-out round was a great opportunity to make that achievement feel tangible, as the dream of becoming an Olympic athlete got closer. 

The Target Neutral ‘infinity room’ celebrated the power of collective action in a novel way. Athletes were guided through a darkened room lit up by floor-to-ceiling mirrored glass, and multiple glowing green ‘plus’ signs suspended on wires between 150 compact tablet digital displays. Images of first time Olympians were showcased alongside those of great champions such as Sir Chris Hoy and Sir Ben Ainslie. By the end of the athletes’ journey through the space, the message was apparent: ‘YOU + Team GB + Target Neutral = A Lower Carbon Games.’ 

“It’s been an absolutely amazing experience ... It makes me feel part of Team GB … It’s really hammered it home today that we’re close and we’re getting there.” (Chris Adcock, Team GB, Badminton Mixed Doubles). More than 1,000 members of Team GB passed through the BP Target Neutral infinity room in the six weeks leading up to opening of the Games, all were inspired to show their support by signing up to offset their travel carbon footprint to London 2012.

Push yourself.

Push yourself.

London Legacy Development Corporation - The Fly: Brand experience

In 2011 the London Legacy Development Corporation (LDDC) invited KBW to demonstrate project feasibility for a unique, pedal-powered, suspended monorail with power assist, within the context of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (QEOP) in Stratford, East London. 

As a novel, fun, environmentally friendly, and sustainable visitor attraction capable of managing system capacities of 700 users per hour at peak The Fly would aim to help animate the park, giving users a unique experience of sightseeing at height (5-6 metres) over the landscape. It would also seek to energize and inspire more Londoners into enjoying healthier, more active lifestyles, and to support the development of the QEOP as one of the UK’s premier visitor attractions. 

A system that allows users to travel at good speeds over reasonable distances, without needing to exert a great deal of effort generated broad scale consumer appeal. A mix of ‘aggressive’ thrill rides and ‘passive’ leisure/transit rides, making full use of natural gradients within the park was warmly welcomed by a wide demographic, while the use of single and/or double, fully enclosed, air-conditioned ‘pods’ was perceived to meet user requirements for both easy accessibility and inclusive design.

The Fly was also able to satisfy key benchmarks for technical design and system engineering; safety and security; environmental impact, planning and construction; procurement and operation; as well as capital cost and operational financial viability. 

Despite implementation stalling for London, the project has continued to be progressed internationally. Recent product developments include enhanced track support, improved bike mechanics, inductive power collection, enhanced drive mechanism, advanced body profiling, upgraded system control, and high performance station hubs. Implementation plans will be unveiled shortly.

New world record.

New world record.

BP Target Neutral, ‘Walk in the Olympic Park', London 2012: Brand experience and Integrated marketing.

‘Walk in the Olympic Park’ (‘WitOP’) was conceived by London 2012 as a self-guided trail where spectators could find out more about the remarkable transformation of the Olympic Park, exploring the engaging sculptures and sponsor installations along the way. At the BP ‘Walk in the Olympic Park’ experience (BP ‘WitOP’), visitors would be able to learn about the BP Target Neutral story and how everyone could help towards a lower carbon Games.

Made from ‘cob end’ stone, and sourced from a British quarry that supplied BP with outcrop rock for geological analysis, the BP ‘WitOP’ structure used 90% recycled steel to support a 3-metre diameter, supersized periscope. Visitors could offset their carbon and have their photograph taken with a full image of the emblematic Olympic Stadium as a backdrop, using an automated photo-capture system. The photographs would represent each individual’s contribution to a lower carbon Games. Visitors could then log-on to the BP Target Neutral website to download their picture and confirm the offset. BP would pay for the offsets and all funds would go directly to supporting lower carbon development projects around the world.

Throughout the 29 days of competition, more than 250,000 spectators visited the ‘WitOP’ experience, helping BP to offset over 500,000 journeys and some 100,000 tonnes of CO2 during the Games, a new world record.

“Our giant periscope was an ingenious combination of an architecturally striking structure offering a unique consumer experience. Spectators were able to capture their special day in the Park against the backdrop of the emblematic Olympic Stadium, while simultaneously offsetting their carbon. The experience proved to be one of the most popular in the Park. It goes to show that sustainability and fun can, with a little ingenuity, go hand-in-hand”.
(Andrea Abrahams, Global Director, BP Target Neutral)